Plasticizing Units & Manufactured Parts

The plasticizing unit is at the heart of the operation when processing raw plastic material and therefore requires to be specified & maintained correctly to process polymer effectively. A.D.M. Supplies with their 30 years of experience always strive to supply the best solution for purpose in design and material option.
Many plasticizing units (screws, barrels & screw tip assemblies) for Fanuc, Demag, Engel, Arburg and BOY can now be OFFERED FROM STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING!
Various screw tip designs to suit ever application including sprung auto -shut, ball check and standard free flow in standard and hard-wearing options.
Wide range of nozzles including our standard removable tip nozzles, internally heated nozzles, mixing nozzles & filter nozzles.
We also offer a free of charge on-site inspection & evaluation of your platicizing units with full report of our findings.